Camping II

I remember during those camping trips I learned a lot. There were a lot of activities to do when we were out. It’s not like we always went to the same place or even did the same thing all of the time. It’s just that we were outdoors doing something all of the time. I got experience with mountain climbing, skiing, jet / water skiing, fishing, swimming & all sorts of other great activities. We would always travel from state to state in the area & in the summer time we would always take a road trip where we could see things that were farther away than we could possibly see on a weekend trip.

I used to think that there were much better ways that I could spend my time. I always used to wish we could stay home for Saturday morning cartoons or to hang out on Friday nights with my buddies. When I got older I used to always wish that I had some time to go out on a date or 2. I always seamed to be busy with my family. I know now that was the grand design all of the time. Ma parents were genius that way. I never caught on until years later. By then I almost enjoyed it too much to care. Now, I am really thankful that my parents raised me that way. I probably attributed to my success both professionally as well as with my own family.

My parents are both gone now & I was barely able to handle the loss of them. They were such a big part of my life. They passed things down to me that I am now able to pass down to my children. It is now me who follows the path less taken in the way that I raise my children. I always take them out into nature to show them some of the wonders which I have seen. Think about the first time you saw old faithful, if you have seen it at all, wasn’t it spectacular? What about the first time that you laid your eyes on fireflies, weren’t you full of wonder & amazed by the possibility? I was & I am happy to pass the same sense of wonder down to the next generation.

I feel like the lessons that I learned during those camping trips really prepared me for life better than many people who I run across today. Some of them seem so maladjusted. Maybe taking some time to get back to mother nature could be the answer for all of us. Who can argue, that time with the family in the world seeing all of the great things, could possibly be time wasted?

It is not possible!

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